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At present, Binhai County Hager Machinery Co., Ltd. has 6 full-automatic molding machine production lines, 2 full-automatic sand mixing production lines, 8 metalworking lathes, 9 CNC equipment, 2 multi hole drills, 2 automatic sand core production lines, 2 assembly lines, 1 German spraying line, as well as the matching power supply and distribution equipment, rear processing equipment, a full set of testing equipment, 2 groups of 4 medium frequency electric furnaces, and 5 shot blasting machines.

  • 2009 year


  • 36000

    Cover an area

  • 25000

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The company is people-oriented and has established a united and dedicated production, technology, management, and marketing team, establishing a good corporate image among users. The company continuously improves efficiency, reduces costs, and produces high-quality products through strict management and technological innovation, in order to meet customer needs and provide comprehensive technology for customers...

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地址:No. 2 Xinggong Road, Dongkan Industrial Park, 

Binhai County, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province

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